Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Cleaning Methods

Published: 24th August 2011
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Carpet is considered an essential part of the home. Nearly every home that is made today has carpet installed in at least one room, if not in the whole house. The main issue with the carpet is not the installation of the carpet as that is the job of the professionals; the real issue is the maintenance of the carpet so that it can last long and can continue to give a fresh and warm look to the area, where it is installed. There are various different methods present in the market which are used to clean the carpet regularly; however, the methods vary with the type of the carpet that has to be cleaned. This article mentions the different methods that are used to clean the carpet along with the type of the carpet it is used for and moreover, it also names the advantages and disadvantages for these different methods.

The first methodology of carpet cleaning is steam or hot water extraction method. This method is extensively used to clean the carpets that are present residential and commercial building and this method is most effective in the summer season. The advantages of this method is that it provides deep cleaning, that is, with this method the dust that has accumulated at the base of the fibers of the carpet is also cleaned. The disadvantage of this method is that in this method the floor gets wet and if it is not dried soon then the wet floor can damage the carpet.

The second method that is used is shampooing. This method is used in the areas which are cleaned regularly and along with cleanliness there is a need for the carpet to look good and smell good, for example in official building, five star hotels etc. The advantages of this method is that it return the shine to the carpet and adds a good smell to the carpet, however, this method cannot provide deep cleaning, which counts as a drawback to this environment.

The third method used is Bonnet cleaning, which is used for the carpets placed in residential and commercial places. This method is most effective in winter seasons. The plus point of this method is that it is quite effective in restoring the original look, shine and elegance to the carpet, and along with that, it leaves the carpet much drier than the hot water cleaning method. The disadvantage of this method is that it provides shine to the carpet for a limited amount of time only.

The fourth method used is named Foam cleaning, which is an ideal method for cleaning the carpets placed in high traffic areas. The plus point is that this method is good for maintenance; however, it has to be vacuumed after 1 or 2 hours as foam catches dirt and soil. The fifth method used is encapsulation cleaning, which is an ideal method for places that has high foot traffic and needs to look good as well. The advantage of this method is that the carpet does not get wet, however, its drawbacks is that it will not clean a heavily soiled carpet and the carpet need to be vacuumed after the application of the powder to prevent it from attracting dirt and soil.

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